The Rock Ministry Training Program “… on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail" Matthew 16:18

Welcome to COPM The Rock Ministry Online Training Program I appreciate your visit.
The program is for foreign pastors or USA residing five-fold evangelists, whose primary ministry is winning and liberating souls. It operates to fulfill the purpose of the church in heaven and on earth. This program is designed to equip qualified leaders to reproduce the ministry acts of Jesus Christ and the twelve disciples. Historically, the growth and health of Christ’s church is contingent upon truth known and understood, knowledge lived out, vocation, anointing and assignment, and faith by works. Our training program covers in depth the knowledge, understanding, application, faith and training to operate effectively in the harvest field and the training of disciples. I have no doubt that if you have been chosen to operate as a scriptural disciple, evangelist or under a true apostolic type anointing this ministry training program will cause you to add souls to the kingdom, by overcoming ‘darkness’ to set the captives free.

 A Training Program for Harvest Field Leaders

The Rock Ministry Training Program is created to serve two separate groups of leaders. One program is for foreign pastors and the other for five-fold evangelists that reside in the USA. The foreign pastors program is a 14-month course, while the USA evangelism course lasts for 21-months. At the completion of either program, the leader can then be qualified for their certificate of ordination or license to minister. The Rock Ministry Training Program is not designed to compete with or replace seminaries or bible colleges. Although, depending on the requirements and purpose of your personal call to the ministry, you may realize that upon the completion of this program you are adequately equipped to successfully win and liberate souls, tear down strongholds, operate as a missionary or an itinerate minister and better fulfill the call of a pastor.


A brief history about “The Rock Ministry Training Program”

In 2007, after many years of writing and teaching Spiritual Intelligence and Power Leadership Seminars (instructing laity and leaders, preaching, and liberating souls on both the domestic and international harvest fields), the Lord began to open my eyes and reveal to me that there was a constant and distinct lack of scriptural knowledge, understanding, and application amongst the leaders. I was also made aware of an unusual absence of signs and wonders that were supposed to accompany the gospel of Jesus Christ, as spoken of in Mark 16:17-18 & Acts 4:33. The conclusion was that the ministries of many sincere and hard-working pastors and ministry leaders were losing out on true spiritual power. That is like tuning down a high-powered sports car to max out at 45 miles per hour. One clear example I recall was being out on an international missions’ trip some years ago, along with about eight other native pastors, and we were busy ministering outside in a somewhat hostile area. A woman stepped forward from the dark, and through our translator, she expressed that her young son was deranged and she believed demon possessed. Trust me it was obvious. As I listened to her story, it was quite apparent that his immediate freedom could only be gained from the anointing administered through Jesus thru His disciples (past, present, future), which continues to destroy the works of the devil. She stressed she had placed her life in danger approaching us, as she boldly stood and spoke to me. Then, about half way through her story, I noticed that virtually every pastor who was originally standing with me departed, minus the translator. Worse yet, not one of them even returned. Nor did they inquire later about the state or outcome of the woman and her child. This story is only one of so many missed opportunities to glorify Christ by snatching souls from the enemy’s grip. So, over the next year the Lord impressed upon me to equip other leaders with what was taught to me through training to increase my ability to reproduce the biblical ministry of Jesus Christ and His apostles. The contents of the Rock Ministry Training Program’s courses and activities are exactly the knowledge, understanding, and applications that have successfully enabled me to destroy the power and principalities of Satan, and liberate souls from every social & geographic setting, ethnicity, or religion. Now you can have these same teachings, too!
If you are ready NOW IS THE TIME TO LIFT HIM UP FROM THE EARTH SO THAT HE CAN DRAW HUMANITY TO HIMSELF. In order to successfully, “…open the eyes of the blind, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in Jesus Christ” (Acts 26:18), you must be properly equipped.  


A Little About the Program

As a foreign pastor or five-fold evangelist you will receive a harvest field ministry education and training from the convenience of your own home as well as:

  • Ministry training, education, and skills for a fraction of the cost of seminary or Bible College.
  • Labor in the harvest field while studying
  • Being awarded a certificate in Evangelism from The Rock Ministry Training Program
  • The convenience of not having to travel, or work part time to get ministerial training
  • An education in the Apostles doctrine and works
  • A changed life as a Soul Winner
  • Personal communication and interaction with Dr. Kay, a 20 years’ international harvest-field veteran, who has taught, trained and proved by the souls saved through the doctrines of the bible.
  • Receiving your license to perform ministerial duties such as weddings and funeral.
  • Five day domestic missions outreach (Evangelist Program)
  • Overseas/Foreign missionary journey (Evangelist Program)



The Rock Ministry Training Program has two program enrollments

  • Program One: Foreign Leaders in persecuted or hostile nations: (presently open only to South Asia Pastors)
  • Program Two: Evangelist called to the five-fold ministry (limit - 12 students per program term)

For programs one and two’s enrollment schedule and cost details please visit the Foreign Pastors or Evangelist page.




The Rock Ministry Training Program Core Curriculum

  1. Interpreting The Scriptures, Studying Skills And Helps
  2. The Doctrine and Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
  3. The Purposes of the Church
  4. Doctrine of Salvation
  5. Doctrine of Baptisms
  6. The Doctrine of Faith
  7. The Doctrine of Law and The Doctrine of Grace
  8. The Anointing, Acts and Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
  9. The Apostles Doctrine
  10. Major World Religions
  11. Protestant Denominations and Various Sects
  12. Prayers, Supplications, and Intercessions
  13. The Christian’s Armor and Weapons
  14. Biblical Covenants and Promises
  15. Groups, Character And Acts Of Believers
  16. Disciples, Kings, And Priests
  17. Five-Fold Ministry Gifts
  18. Satan’s Hierarchy and the Power Of Darkness
  19. Authority Of The Saint
  20. Evangelism
  21. Sermon And Teaching Preparation
  22. Christian Leadership and Church Government
  23. The Church and the Tithe
  24. Curses And Blessings
  25. The Lives of Moses, Abraham, Elijah, and Paul
  26. Prophecy, Prophets and the Church
  27. The Church and the World
  28. Church History (Overview) and The Current Church Age

We reserve the right to change, alter, add, and cancel courses. ‘The Rock Ministry Training Program’ can and will extend (when necessary) the time allotted for a course or the program to ensure that all pastors and evangelist successfully completes the program.