GCE Participate Questionaire
       Welcome and thank you for visiting this page to fill out the GCE questionaire. Your comments are very
       important to
us, therefore do not hesitiate to share with us your likes and dislikes about the session you 
      attended. I hope that you left  the seminar or
workshop inspired and empowered to share Jesus Christ
      with people in your sphere of influence.
     While you are visiting us online, take some time to familiarize yourself with all that we do. Make sure you   
     stop at the Prayer House page and  the Devotion/Bible Study page.  Most likely you will  find
     some information or tools that can assist you in your  spiritual journey, as well
as joining others in
     the fellowship of prayer and discussion.
     May God bless you, keep you, and cause you to be fruitful in all your endeavors, especially those that add
     to His
                                                                        His Handmaiden                                                                    
               Dr. Kay                      
                                The GCE seminar&workshop attendee questionaire
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