The Great Commission Explosion Seminars & Workshops

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Do you desire to see the evangelistic efforts of your church or organization burst forth? Have your evangelism tactics failed to fill your church with souls yearning to know God? Are your ‘born again’ believers apprehensive about sharing their faith? Do you have an urge to go the extra mile in reaching the lost for Jesus Christ? If you said yes to any of these questions then The Great Commission Explosion seminars & workshops are exactly what you need to usher in the time-honored evangelism movement among your flock.

With over twenty years of successful evangelism, teaching and broad experience in the ministry Dr. Kay brings to you these well-developed and practical lessons in three compact and effective formats. Hear how Dr. Kay instantly reminds us of the fundamentals of evangelism that helped the early church explode and why leaders overseas continue to enjoy reaping that same rich harvest. Understand, through the wisdom of the Lord, the easiest ways to minister to the lost and receive the love of Christ. Let Dr Kay help you re-ignite your passion to ‘go into all the world’ and apply these topical teachings to lead your immediate family, co-workers, neighbors and even strangers into their personal salvation.

The Great Commission Explosion is ideal for ministers and leaders wishing to work in-group settings as they venture to do the work of the Lord in public places such as community outreaches, hospitals, and even prisons.

The teachings designed by Dr. Kay will cause a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of all believers, both seasoned and novice, to do the absolute and most essential work of an evangelist.


The Great Commission Explosion
Seminars & Workshops
Mobilizing the Messengers



Fish the Seas

Share your Faith!
Soul Winning Seminar & Workshops
Mark 16:15-16

Why evangelism training is a must for all churches. Understand why church growth and even Christianity itself are very dependent upon effective training, mentoring, and materials. This simple ‘Cast Your Net’ plan of action is designed to help take your people out of their seat and into the streets. Hear compelling stories that will make you laugh and cry. This powerful teaching successfully equips the Christian on the why,who,when, and how-to of winning souls.

Sessions covered:

  • Passageways - An Open Door Policy
  • Kingdom Growth = Church Growth
  • Dancing Angels
  • Soul Winners Pocket Card



Take the Land

Outreach & Short-Term Missions
Training Seminar & Workshops
John 20:21-23

Learn ‘Boots on the Ground’ strategies from a renowned harvest field expert and international keynote speaker. Get your volunteers cutting edge training to reach that community and achieve a lasting missions impact, whether locally or global. Outstanding topics on: purpose, preparation, protocol and power will equip your team. Get ready for a short-term experience with long-term results. These riveting workshops/seminar are a must!

Sessions covered:

  • Called to Bear Fruit
  • Seeds of Hope
  • Know B4 U Go
  • The Jericho Effect


 Based upon a ministry’s time availability the seminars and workshops are offered in the following formats to better serve the evangelistic visions and needs, of both church and Christian community.
Available Seminars and Workshops

 Choose from the following formats for “Fish the Seas” and “Take the Land”

Fish the Seas or Take the Land Seminar: 4 1/2 hours each. Seminar is primarily a lecture. Included in the seminar is a session for questions, a discussion, and prayer.

Fish the Seas Workshop: One whole day. Workshop incorporates seminar session along with specifics on overcoming obstacles with  family, co-workers, and strangers. Discussions on effective prayer, your mantle, and leading souls into the Kingdom. Sessions of role playing are included in workshop. Attendees receive three applicable assignments to share their faith.

Take the Land Workshop 1: One whole day. Workshop incorporates seminar session along with specifics on dealing with community, domestic and national adversaries. How to minister and instructional teaching on how to ministries to different cultures and religions. Timing, anointing, authority, and the use of the name of Jesus, the blood and scripture within enemy territory. Included in workshop is a role-play session and imparting a Christian influence without having a personal relationship.

Take the Land Workshop 2: Three days of intensive group, sub-group, and some one-on-one, teaching, counsel, and training. Dr. Kay will go into depth on the message, meaning, and methods of sharing  Jesus Christ crucified. The purposes of the Church in heaven and on the earth. Hear how to successfully minister within urban communities, prisons, affluent areas, homeless areas, different religions, and within nations. Discussions on the importance of scripture, discerning the Spirit, and when and how to guide a soul to Christ. Intensive role-play and how to pray for the lost. Included in workshop is an actual ‘Take the Land’ mission field experience.

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Not sure if your church or organization needs the GCE?  Based on these general statistics can you be certain? Let us help.

      Alarming Evangelism and Church Related Statistics

  • 95% of all Christians have never won a soul to Christ.
  • 91% of all Christian outreach/evangelism does not target non-Christians, but targets other Christians.
  • Less than 2% of Christians are involved in the ministry of evangelism
  • 80% of all Christians do not consistently witness for Christ.
  • Around 30 million people this year will perish without hearing the message of salvation.
  • Christians in the U.S. are less biblically literate, more fearful about sharing their faith and less influential in society than ever before.
  • Only 18.7 percent of all Americans regularly attend church right now. At this current declining pace attendance will be about half of what it is today by 2050.
    (Baxter, World Evangelization Research Center, Barna Study, Olson Study,