Foreign Pastors


Program One: Foreign Leaders in persecuted or hostile nations: (presently open only to South Asia Pastors)

To enroll in the program you must be a foreign pastor or senior church leader. You must reside within the South Asia Region. You must complete and submit application package along with the application fee.

The program is designed for Foreign Church Leaders that do not have the means to attend seminary or a bible college, but desire to be better equipped to do and train others for the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the apostles, as well as protect and guard the believers given to your care. Many of the courses within the curriculum will focus on the spiritual issues within your nation. To receive a certification all courses and fees must be completed and paid. Upon the completion of the program, all leaders will be issued an official license as a minister. Six months after you complete the program, you will be interviewed and after the interview, you will receive a beautiful Certificate of Ordination to frame.

General Prerequisites for enrollment: Must be a ‘born-again’ Christian, Holy Spirit filled believer; verifiably served at least 1 year in a single standing church or house church leadership position within a persecuted or hostile nation (predominantly in the known 10/40 region); you can read and write at a grade seven level; speaks and reads English (or have regular access to a translator of the English language that can read and write English). You must have regular and unrestricted access to a computer and bible.

In order to be accepted in this program, obtain a certification and become a license minister you must commit to the following: regular ongoing study, reading, scheduled, and assigned prayer sessions and activities, fasting, various field assignments and homework, regular tests, conference call lectures, online discussions, and forums. There will also be group harvest-field ministry endeavors.

How to Apply: Complete the online application, written essay, and timed online test. There is a non- refundable application fee of $30.00 (foreign pastors may be eligible for reduced or waived application fee) Note: Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Program length and cost: Foreign Leaders: 14 months…Cost $1200.00
(The cost of the program is to be paid in full 14 days before the start of the program. For pastors that are unable to pay in full you can enroll in our 15% down payment plus no interest, 3, 7, or 11-month payment plans.
The Next Foreign Pastor Program begins on January 7, 2013
Course Descriptions for the Foreign Pastors program will be available online September 30, 2012
• Applications available and enrollment begins October 15, 2012

Disclaimer: Covenants of Promise Ministries, The Rock Ministry Training program, or Dr. Kay Ward- Lawrence do not in any way guarantee signs or wonders, increased church enrollment, or assure a particular amount of souls will be won under your ministry. (Nor do we have the means to financially support pastors or build churches. The cost of the program does not cover any costs associated with your books, writing, computer, or study materials. It does not cover the cost of any forms of communications or internet access fees). The fruit that is produced within your ministry is dependent upon many factors: call, anointing, faith, adversity, relationship with the Lord and God’s will. Therefore, because we have no control over any of the factors, we assume no responsibility nor give any guarantees as to the acts and outcome of your life as a servant leader of God. However, we will guarantee that you will receive one of the best ministry training programs available anywhere.