Program Two: Evangelist called to the five-fold ministry (limit-12 students per program term)
   Are You Equipped to Reach Humanity for Christ?  
    The harvest fields are waiting for the five-fold Evangelist       
                           Are you lost in the crowd of man appointed and self called preachers
  What is your present position in the battle that is being waged for the minds
and souls of humanity 
      Are you properly prepared to turn people from the darkness to the Light of Jesus Christ   
Now Is The Time To Get Equipped!
The program is for those who are called by to be soul winners and liberators from the spiritual and worldly bondage that oppress and deceive humanity. It is also to restore back into the world and the church the call of the biblical ascension evangelist. You may or may not consistently be active in the ministry to which you are called, but you are certain that this is your vocation. This program like, no other, is designed to equip you to be a biblical evangelist. Unlike the traditional view of an evangelist as being ‘one that only proclaims the good news of salvation and a fisher of humanity’, this course is meant to equip you to display a strong supernatural resemblance to the biblical office portrayed for an evangelist. The twelve apostles were, first and foremost, evangelists. Jesus sent out 70 disciples that operated in the office of the evangelist (Luke 10:1-20), and well equipped to minister to the lost, as well as deal with spiritual forces on earth and in heaven. The evangelist Philip preached the gospel (Acts 8:5), moved in miracles (8:6), delivered people from demons (8:7), received instructions from an angel (8:26), and, had revelation knowledge (8:29). This program will not deliver into your hands a degree to waive before humanity, but it will deliver into your hands the knowledge, application, power and keys that are needed to do the works of Christ, and to receive praise from God the Father.  

General prerequisites for enrollment:
Must be a ‘born-again’ Christian, Holy Spirit filled believer; minimal 2 years., Able to prove a call to the evangelist five-fold ascension gift minister (as explained in Eph 4:11), by one or more of the following: revelation, works, and endorsements; You must reside in the USA and its 48 contiguous states even if your ministerial duties take you to a different region of the globe. Must own a computer or have regular ongoing access to one. Read and write at a 9th grade level. You must have or be able to get before the program the following: KJV, NKJV and NIV bibles, a bible concordance, dictionary, Hebrew and Greek lexicon and/or other assigned bible helps.
 Enrollment process and program commitment
You must complete and submit application package along with the application fee. Commit to the following: regular ongoing study, reading, scheduled, and assigned prayer sessions and activities, fasting, various field assignments and homework, regular exams, research, conference call lectures, on line discussions and forums. In addition, one five-day domestic trip and one international mission journey is mandatory.
How to Apply: Complete the on line application, written essay, timed online test. There is a non- refundable application fee of $30.00 (foreign pastors may be eligible for reduced or waived application fee)

Program length and cost: Evangelists (domestic) called to the five-fold ministry: 21 months, cost $3200.00 (The cost of the program is to be paid in full 14 days before the start of the program. For evangelist that are unable to pay in full you can enroll in our 15% down payment plus no interest, 6, 9, 12 or 18-month payment plans.

Important information about cost: the cost of the evangelist program does not cover any cost or expenses for the domestic and international mission training trips. The student is required to cover the total cost or raise his or her own funds for both the domestic and international mission trips. The estimated cost of both mission trips are listed in the evangelist course description booklet. The cost of the program does not cover any cost or expenses associated with your bibles, books, writing, or study materials etc. It does not cover the cost of any forms of communications or internet access fees.
  The next ministry training program for Evangelist starts September 23, 2013                    

             Course descriptions will be available online February 1, 2013 
             Applications for the program will be available online May 1, 2013
                  (Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program)
·After completing the program you will receive a license to perform ministry services
such as weddings and funerals.  Also you will receive a Rock Ministry Training Program            certificate.  Then after a year of service in the harvest field (interview and endorsements required), you will receive an official ordination certificate. Some evangelist may qualify                 for an official prophetic ordination ceremony that includes the anointing of oil and the laying             on of hands by elders. 
·Participation in the domestic and overseas mission trips are mandatory


Disclaimer: Dr. Kay Lawrence, The Rock Ministry Training program or Covenants of Promise Ministries Inc., do not in any way guarantee that you will win a certain amount of souls, signs, wonders, or miracles, or increased church enrollment. We do not assign or place any evangelist into the harvest field upon completion of the program. The programs purpose is to equip for the office of the evangelist. Thereafter, the fruit of your ministry is dependent upon many factors which we have no control or power in or over, i.e. call, anointing, faith, adversity, relationship with the Lord and God’s will. Your call, labor, and the outcome of your ministry is between you and the Lord God. However, we will guarantee that you will receive one of the best ministry training programs available anywhere.