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Covenants of Promise Ministries Requirements and Polices

Honorarium, Great Commission Explosion Seminar and Workshop Fees, and International Missions Events

  • Covenants of Promise Ministries does not require a set honorarium for Dr. Kay to speak at events, however we do request that you take a special love offering to be given specifically to Covenants of Promise Ministries Inc.  ( While we do not have a set fee, it does cost us at minimum, $890 a day to run the ministry)
  • Please Make all checks payable in US funds to Covenants of Promise Ministries, and have the funds available upon Dr. Kay’s departure.
  • The Board sets Dr. Kay’s salary; she does not take personal honorariums.  If a check is inadvertently made payable to Dr. Kay Lawrence, we will not be able to process it, and it will be returned to you so a new check can be issued within five business days.
  • Great Commission Explosion Seminars and Workshops: The fee for GCE Seminars and GCE whole day workshops fall under our honorarium requirements.  (see first bullet above).  However, for our GCE “Take the Land” Workshop 2, we do request a minimum offering of $2000, and a $500 deposit.
  • International Crusades and Seminars (within 10/40 region): Considering that, Covenants of Promise Ministries covers the entire cost of mission work within the 10/40 window, i.e.  air and ground travel, accommodations, and all cost related to crusades and leadership seminars, we do ask that when an offering is taken up, that a person designated by COPM ministry business director directly assist in the collection and distribution of the collection between COPM and the International host.

Transportation Arrangements

For all travel, we require that payment for air transportation be paid in advance.

Domestic Air Transportation: Dr. Kay travels out of Kansas City, Missouri or Atlanta, Georgia

  • It is a Board of Directors’ directive that unless an organization is absolutely financially unable, that Dr. Kay travel with the ministry business director (Anthony Lawrence) or a COPM ministry worker (usually female) on domestic itineraries.
  • All domestic travel will be booked unrestricted coach class, unless you are financially able to book them on business class.
  • We ask that your ministry be the booking institution for Dr. Kay’s (and traveling companion) airline reservations.
  • We will provide you the ‘from city’ and the desired itinerary/carrier for Dr. Kay’s trip to your event well in advance to avoid costly ticketing.

International Air Transportation: Dr. Kay travels from Kansas City, Missouri (only)

  • It is the Board of Directors’ directive that Dr. Kay travel with Anthony Lawrence (ministry business director) or a COPM ministry worker (usually female) companion on international itineraries.
  • All international travel will be booked business class for flights over 6 hours.

Ground transportation:

  • Please make arrangements for Dr. Kay to be transported to and from the airport and also to and from the event to her hotel.  If Dr. Kay chooses to attend your event unaccompanied, please have a trusted driver or a couple to pick her up from the airport and/or hotel.

Hotel Accommodations:

  • For domestic U.S. and Canada itineraries, we require that accommodations be in a hotel room and that those expenses (including internet access) are covered.  Dr. Kay will pay for any incidental personal expenses.
  • On international itineraries (other than 10/40 region) we require that Dr. Kay and Anthony Lawrence  be accommodated in a hotel with either a king for Kay and Anthony or two queen beds for Dr. Kay and a traveling companion and that those expenses be covered.  Dr. Kay will pay for any personal incidental expenses.
  • As indicated above, we need hotel accommodations to have internet availability.  Wireless internet access is required and we do ask you to provide this amenity for them.
  • It is necessary for the hotel accommodations to provide a peaceful atmosphere conducive to study and safety.
  • When these arrangements have been made please contact our office with the following information: hotel name, address, phone number, fax number, website and confirmation number.

We maintain a CD/DVD library for all of Dr. Kay’s messages and seminars.  Therefore, we would ask that immediately following Dr. Kay’s speaking engagement or GCE seminar or workshop a master copy of all CDs/DVDs be given to Dr. Kay, or be sent to:

Covenants of Promise Ministries, Inc.
Attn: Administrator
6614 W. 93rd St. Suite A
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
913-777-6679/ 678-596-9339